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  1. Thanks for this! The best buy changes from time to time and it’a good to stay up to date. Lately Canadian Maple Leafs and Austrian Philharmonics have been good buys for me. Usually bars are a great value, but I mostly stick with bullion coins

    1. It all comes down to what you enjoy the most. But getting silver at a low premium is always good too! Thanks for watching buddy!

  2. You can find really old foreign silver coins as most people dont like them .. I got a bunch of 150 year old European coins a few weeks back all at spot

  3. I have been buying the same kinds of things lately. Foreign junk 50% to 92.5%, those large Bahama Islands and Barbados sterling coins, the sterling Canadian 1976 Olympic coins, Canadian junk, and even some U.S. Commemorative Dollars when I can get them for only a few dollars over spot. The deals are out there, but its slow and steady adding to the stack.

    1. Same here! I enjoy stacking and collecting all types of coins and bullion, but getting Precious Metals at spot is always a great thing! Foreign gold is great too. My lcs sells it at spot too.

  4. Picked up 8 Troy from my LCS – all above my cutoff of 72%. Most was 92.5 Sterling pre 1920 Brit, even some 95% Swiss. Also quite a lot of Canadian 80%. All priced as if it was 70% so picked up below spot. And last night I ordered 10 Troy of 80% Canadian.

  5. I’ve been hot with Maples lately. Even more so than the Brits! Averaging about $26/Maple right now. Grabbing as many as I can! Great vid, bud!

    1. Yeah the Canadian silver is great! Especially buying it at spot! Lol thanks for watching buddy!

  6. Excellent video. I personally like simplicity. People use to 90% aren’t use to 80%. Or three 9’s compared to 80%. Not that difficult to figure out but people tend to gravitate towards what they know.
    Now if we’re melting things down it’s a different story.
    For me, foreign would be more of a collection.

    1. That is very true. I can see not wanting to bother with less than 80%.. but getting 90 and 925 at spot price is just such a great deal to me. But you’re absolutely right about foreign junk silver is more of a collecting silver than stacking. I guess for me stacking and collecting are one in the same. Thanks for watching brother! 👊😎👍

  7. Love the vid! … and as always, love the different timbres in the theme song… here’s a question.. is there a “best bang for you buck” for gold?

    1. Thanks brother! And yes, I was actually thinking about making a best bang for your buck gold video soon!

  8. Patriot Stacker I stopped buying ASE temporary because of the premiums and watching many videos like yours that is very informative. What I have been doing is buying what I like and I make comments about that in this coin community. There are few that don’t agree with me because they stack when SHTF. I like to look at my exit strategy as two fold. My short term is buy what I like and my long term regarding my exit strategy is once I’m tired in looking at for period of time I will either cash out or do a trade at my LCS.

  9. I looked into it an don’t see this as a good investment as anyone wanting to buy have to buy above spot an sell below spot the value needs to almost double to make 20% back on your investment at a pawn shop an since money is king why bother with stuff people will never buy? No coin shops with in 200 miles but 90 scrap metal dealers! Guy on youtube recently went around new york an could not get a hot dog for a solid gold 1oz coin because its not money an its considered fake everytime. Once shift happens an no dealers are buying your simply stuck with it as thier is no way to prove its even real. Don’t believe me I tried for fun to off load a solid silver coin for 5 bucks worth of stuff at a country fair nope never going to happen everyone said it was fake in a graded case but I took a pound of copper an got my stuff first on the first try! Your way better off buying copper by the pound because any scrap yard will take it an its easy to off load way better than silver an values can double or triple way faster too as its not heavily manipulated it actually will double or triple your investment very fast an look at data copper has been a great investment while silver an gold remain flat for decades. Plus I say heres a pound of copper no one will think its fake an everyone knows it holds value making it easy to sell or trade if you want to off load it fast or if you hold it over time its massively more profitable than gold or silver as the price is not manipulated by the stock market an most importantly everyone knows its real copper an never question it as Silver an Gold coins most times are always considered fake.

    1. @Patriot Stacker Thank you not throwing shade I just got out of heavy metals an went to Copper as an investment it has a massive return in ten years while for the past 20 years I could have made more in bonds than gold an found selling it extremely hard an after that realized what that money could have done if it was copper instead an was like wow no way! Not going back as copper has a great ROI an no shady pawn shop dealers as scrapers weigh your truck unload it weight it again an pay you an that’s it! No scanning every coin an then low balling you for having more than one ridiculous model. Plus you don’t need to pay the bank for a safety deposit box as no ones going to say hay is that real cooper?

  10. Hi, any suggestions on online sites or physical stores in and around DFW area where to buy the generic 10 oz silver coin with the American flag ? That design looks cool. Also, what would be considered a reasonable premium range while purchasing silver ?

    1. Most of the online bullion dealers are doing black Friday deals right now. So that would be a great place to look. The American flag 10 ounce bar is pretty common and you can usually find that anywhere. As for local stores in Texas, I’m not sure. I’m from New Jersey! Lol

    2. @Patriot Stacker thank you. Any reputable online vendors that you could recommend for us to buy please ? TIA. 🙏

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