This is the first video in a new series I’m doing for coin collectors and investors. The first videos (this included) are aimed at novice collectors or investors who are trying to learn the basics. Subsequent videos will dive deeper into more obscure coins or collecting methods. This particular video focuses on Common Silver U.S. Coinage and how to identify it. Watch the video to learn two ways to differentiate the real silver from mere pocket change! Glossary of Terms: Spot Price: the current market price at which an asset is bought or sold for immediate payment and delivery. Troy Ounce: a unit of measurement commonly used to measure the weight of precious metals such as gold or silver. It is equal to ~31.1g and is slightly lower than a standard ounce. Clad: a clad coin is a coin that has multiple layers of metal in it; most current U.S. clad coins consist of an inner core of copper, with outer layers of a silver-colored nickel-copper alloy. Mint: an industrial facility which manufactures coins that can be used in currency. Want to get the same gear I use? Click the links below and start silverpicking! 40x Jeweler’s Loupe: Jewelry Scale: Scale for large silver items: Acid Test Kit: Jeweler’s Tool Kit: Assorted Coin 2×2’s: Assorted Coin Tubes: Best Gear bag ever!: Digital Coin Calipers: Watch Tool Kit: Facebook: Instagram: @thesilverpicker Twitter: @TheSilverpicker thesilverpicker eBay:

21 Replies to “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to U.S. Silver Coins”

  1. Great Video love it – started my own page its so much fun to show off some silver coins

  2. Thank you for this! I would to see more instructional videos like this. It is super helpful and straightforward covering the basics perfectly. As a beginner it has helped me tremendously simply by giving me a base understanding of things. Keep it up brother it is much appreciated!

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