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18 Replies to “The Truth about Stacking Generic Silver vs Premium Silver Coins!”

  1. In my very limited experience doing a ‘buyback’ sale with online dealers, you have to keep the sovereign high premium coins in mint condition to get of the premium back; otherwise you’ll get maybe just $1-$2 more than the rounds. The difference between a mint and cull Maple Leaf is $1.50, while the difference for the Eagle is $3.50.

  2. Ebay allows China to sell all of the counterfeit currency that they want. I report the sellers and eBay could care less. Democrat supporters I guess .

  3. Would one be better to have over the other in order to barter or trade for goods if there was some kind of devastating economic collapse?

    1. That is wrong my friend… Eagles are absolutely taxed. The IRS classifies them as collectibles and taxes them as such. Just because a shop doesn’t have to issue you a 1099-B when you sell a certain amount doesn’t make you not liable for paying taxes on your profit from the sale.

  4. When the dollar collapses people won’t care if the ounce of silver is graded or generic, they will only be concerned about its purity and weight for trading purposes.

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