#gold #silver #preciousmetals In this video I talk about the three silver coins that I recently bought. I talk about the investment decisions I considered when making these purchases and why I ultimately decided to invest in gold right now. These gold coins form part of my long term precious metals stack and are ones that I am confident will do very well over time. I also talk about the tax considerations for buying these coins. Capital gains tax on gold coins investments are something not to be feared. You should consider all elements when making a gold or silver investment. This video is not financial advice. If you would like to support our channel please check out our shop page for all our hand poured silver. Join the channel and show your support by becoming a BYB Rambling society member today! If you would like to support our channel please consider purchasing our T-shirts please visit this link: or have a look at our website: Stay safe, stay healthy all. Thanks also to the channel sponsor The Silver Forum! A 4k Camera & close ups of coins! What more can you want!? What do you think? Comment below! Comments welcome below or email me at [email protected] Follow me on Instagram: @BackyardBullion Thanks for watching and I will see you next time!

21 Replies to “I Bought Some Silver Coins From The Royal Mint!”

  1. Can you make a video about the differences between proof and bullion coins? You have example of the same coin in the bullion and proof version?

  2. The Hawaiʻi and UK royal houses were very close. Our heir apparent was Prince Albert Edward Kamehameha was named after Edward VII, Victoria was his godmother. As for the moron who criticized Her Majesty, she was a dedicated honorable public servant for 70 years and would’ve joined the home defense forces except George VI prohibited her. Bonespurs 45 ducked serving and was a cheat and liar.

  3. A nice coin but i prefer some of the previous coins in series much looking forward to the future coins in this series,

  4. I think the series is a great idea, though I kind of wish the portrait on the box was used for the coin.

    As they are now, the coins look like they have two obverses (which might be the point really), but I think having front-facing portraits for the past monarchs (portraits from paintings that have never been featured on coins before), might have made this series extra special.

    That portrait on that box would have looked spectacular on a coin, with little to no additional text.

  5. Awesome coins I love the Royal Canadian Mint only downside is because I live in the United States I have to buy from online dealers like Apmex JM Bullion and others that might have particular coins that the Royal Canadian Mint might have

  6. Lol, one minute BYB is slagging off RM, gold and silver, next minute he is backing the truck up. Basically you should just tell everyone you really like silver and gold…haha!

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