.com/watch?v=SFSehzdlAhA This week we chose a couple of questions asking about our mint and our minting process. Follow our staff through a personal tour of QSB and find out how YOUR silver rounds and bars are made. For more info on the products minted at QSB check out our website at and thank you for letting us be your favorite mint! “Like” QSB’s Facebook Page:

15 Replies to “How to Mint Silver Coins, Rounds, & Bars – Quality Silver Bullion Tour”

  1. Question please
    Are you able to mint the gift coins for a Philippine wedding
    Called the arraha

  2. wow 10 year old vid huh? well it’s still cool I love seeing those silver bars man that’s a lot of silver (I’m a big fan of silver I like it more than gold)

  3. It was so considerate of the U.S. Mint to discontinue Silver in 1964. Now the tax payers don’t have to pay for anything frivolous. Clown : )

  4. I want to create a one ounce coin of my design. How much is it for you to make the dies to stamp a coin for my Marquiss Foundation. it a Cal NP corporation for helping animals. I wasn’t able to find it on your site.

  5. سلام ویدیوی عالی، بسیار آموزنده. از اینکه به ما اجازه دادید عملیات شما را ببینیم بسیار سپاسگزاریم. من واقعا “ازش لذت بردم.

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