How to clean silver coins and bullion silver rounds. When you know how to do this yourself it can be nice so you can make it look pretty. I Kendall Todd show you how to clean up silver and make it look more shiny.

13 Replies to “How To Clean Silver Coins and Bullion Rounds”

  1. Why would you clean Maple Leafs? They’re NOT rounds and you’re going to affect the value of the coins, if you ever go to sell them!

    1. I know late reply, but there are proper ways to clean them and part of the value of recognized bullion is a lack of blemishes.

      I don’t think soap and water was the proper way cause there is and I can’t remember it.

      Anyways, Canadian maples get tarnished extremely easily and make it look bad. (Yeah wonder why I’m here lol, some still look great, but a few look terrible)

      To avoid this, use cotton gloves and make sure the parts touching the coin has not touched your skin

  2. Hey Todd, can you tell me (if you ever get my message) how I can get the type of Polishing Cloth you are using ? Thanks !

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