#Gold #silver #preciousmetals In this video I share some of the easiest ways to test and check your silver and gold coins at home. It is important to understand how to test coins at home in a variety of ways as none of them are definitive. Testing coins at home can be done easily without damaging coins and can be a really good way to tell if something is wrong. If you would like to support our channel please check out our shop page for all our hand poured silver. Join the channel and show your support by becoming a BYB Rambling society member today! If you would like to support our channel please consider purchasing our T-shirts please visit this link: or have a look at our website: Stay safe, stay healthy all. Thanks also to the channel sponsor The Silver Forum! A 4k Camera & close ups of coins! What more can you want!? What do you think? Comment below! Comments welcome below or email me at [email protected] Follow me on Instagram: @BackyardBullion Thanks for watching and I will see you next time! generic silver, generic silver bar, silver investing, silver bar, silver bars, silver round, silver coins, silver stacker, invest in silver, buy silver, what silver is the best, best silver to invest in, 100 oz silver bar, silver coin, silver sale, purchase silver, buying silver, physical silver, silver bullion, silver to purchase, investing, gold coin,1 oz gold coin, what gold coin to buy, gold investment, investing in gold, gold coins, buy cheap gold, cheap gold

17 Replies to “How to Check and Test Your Silver Coins For Fakes!”

  1. You can also put it in the capsule it’s supposed to fit in and if it doesn’t fit, because it is too thick, you will definitely know it’s fake, especially if it is too lose in the capsule as well

  2. Hiding in my trigger wallet is a certain size Valcambi bar of gold in assay which has a big enough rectangular groove to fit one of those Rare Earth magnets in it that hides under a gold test card from the GoldLock website so that I’m able to test for gold anywhere I am but also I keep some other things in my wallet. Also, there’s nothing like having that ping test app on your phone. Comes in handy quite often especially if you aren’t in a noisy area when testing. And of course you can buy yourself a pocket pinger to go perfectly well with the app

  3. I too have one of these with this issue, though mine has a bit more detail to it. I got it maybe 6 months ago, might have even been the same dye with a little less wear on it back then!

    I was worried too when I got it, because the entire crest is frosted when the official pictures show it should have a mirror finish.

    It passed all my tests, and close inspection of the fonts, spacing, and basically everything else about the design, all seemed absolutely fine. So I didn’t worry too much about it after that.

    It’s a solid ounce of silver, theres nothing else wrong with the coin, and it was about the cheapest I could get an ounce of silver for anywhere at the time, so I was pretty happy with it in the end.

    It would be helpful if they put out an official statement or something though, to put people’s minds at ease. Because getting a frosted emblem when you expect a mirror finish is really very seriously concerning to say the least.

    I’m pleased you put it on the sigma there though, that’s one test I sadly can’t do, so it’s extra peace of mind to see that.

    Good stuff πŸ‘

  4. A beautiful coin, yes, and that poor strike issue is exactly why I have not bought any this year. Looked to me like the die was wearing down and the mint was trying to get every last coin through the production run before having the expense of fresh dies. The lack of crisp detail on your example, IMO, is a worn die.

    1. πŸ™‚ I live in Germany, so I’ve noticed that Germans, lately, only put the minimum, strictly necessary into the AESTHETIC design of products (see airports, coins etc). That’s why I favor UK Royal Mint bullion coins, they’re SO BEAUTIFUL !! 🌞 (for example Britannia). I buy German bullion coins too though, to support the local economy and cuz, as far as I’ve heard, they’re so much less likely to be counterfeited, when compared to PAMP or Perth Mint products, just cuz counterfeiters don’t do it yet.

  5. I like these videos a lot. Thank you for making it.

    I think the RM perhaps could do some bullion international coins and drive up standards or give patrons a safer sense of legitamcy of the coin.

  6. They need to price these more at the consumer market rather than the professional end of the spectrum. There is a large market for the taking if they did that. The underlying components wouldn’t cost that much, but it’s economies of scale isn’t it. I’d say 450 GBP, under 1000AUD would be the ticket to broad market take-up. And then we can destroy as a collective of stackers, the counterfeit trade.

  7. You scared me for a second.. I have that coin in my collection..I bought it from reputable dealer…
    DONT BUY COINS FROM VEUXI!! They sell fake coins.

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