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22 Replies to “Here’s How Much SILVER is in 90% Junk Silver Coins”

  1. I just got my 10 Graham gold bar from SD bullion packaging messed up wondering if yours was just on the gold bar not on the actual Packaging ship to me?

  2. Thank you silverseeker always enjoy your show you’re one of the more professional ones out there that’s got good content and you’re legit lots of passion and knowledge good luck on your hundred thousand subscriber

    1. What they don’t tell you is they discount the 40% and the war nickels because of the process to refine it back to pure silver.😉 also 40% silver half dollars and 90% silver half dollars take up the same amount of space and have the same weight in the safe.😉 there’s a big difference of the value.😉 I hope this helps.👍

    2. The 40% Kennedy Half Dollars, 1965-1970 in a Generic Half Dollar book also look very similar to the 90% Half Dollars due to this reason: 1965–1970: outer layer of 80% silver, 20% copper clad to core of 79% copper, 21% silver; totaling 60% copper, 40% silver. – Wikipedia

    1. @Silver Seeker at my lcs. He used to sell for 5 over spot on dimes and quarters and 6 over for halves. Now he increased it a dollar.

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